Treasures, pearls and spices of Old Dubai - UAE Heritage Field Trip

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  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Dubai, Dubai
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Treasures, pearls and spices of Old Dubai


Our off-beat uniquely curated walking tours of Dubai reveal the deep, cherished history of the UAE. On our Old Dubai Historic Walking Tour, we offer students an interactive and sensory experience, filled with story-telling, trivia, and activities to help them understand the history and culture of our country. We also focus on the historical journey of the Emirati people from Nomadic Bedouin life, pearl diving, trading to the modern-day developments.


Our Old Dubai Historic Walking Tour is conducted in Bastakiya & Al Fahidi District - Features quizzes, postcard writing and art activities. 


It is a 2.5-hour tour. Students are given a Certificate of Participation at the end of the tour. Suggested time slot is 8:45AM to 11:15AM. 


No meals are included in the tour. The students have a short snack break in between where they can have their snack box. Students arrive and depart by schools buses organized by the school. 


  • Tour Cost : AED 50 per student. All Teachers and Assistant Teachers are complimentary. 


We have been offering educational sightseeing tours to students for 15 years and over 50 schools in North America, England and the Middle East have been sending us their students year-on-year. Our guides specialize in dealing with young children and are fun and lively.  


Please be assured that the content of our tours is very rich, deep and delivered in pictures and stories for students to gain maximum out of the tours. I have attached some recent teacher reviews of our tour to this email from American School of Dubai, GEMS World, ICE School and Clarion School. 

For three years in a row, Dubai By Foot has won awards for its student fields trip from Dubai Culture Authority in Al Fahidi Historic District.